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Spy Quest Laser Maze Challenge Located Inside the Mackinaw Crossings Shopping Center Near the Huron Ave Entrance 248 S Huron Ave. Mackinaw City, MI 49701 231-436-6671 Map & Hours Contact

Is there an age limit?   Our youngest player was 18 months and our oldest was

                                   1,008 months (84 years). As for younger children, the parent

                                   is always the best judge of whether or not the maze is a

                                   good fit.  Reading through the FAQ section will aid in

                                   making that decision.


How dark is it?             It is dim inside the maze, but you can definitely clearly see

                                   throughout the room. Nothing inside but the bright green

                                   lasers, sound effects, flashing strobe lights, theatrical haze

                                   and you.  We understand that some children experience a

                                   fear of the dark and/or the unknown and we have several

                                   things that may help, just let us know.  Usually, playing with

                                   a parent or sibling helps allay that fear.

How loud are the sound effects? Can the strobe lights be turned off? The 2 strobe lights inside and the 1 outside are an integrated part of the game  system.  However, we understand the medical issue some players may have with strobe lighting and with advance notice, we can cover those lights. What is the size of the maze? 19.5 by 12 feet.  The maze is a custom U-shaped. Are the lasers real? How many games  do you have and  how are they played? Spy Quest Laser Maze Challenge Spy Quest's Beam Buster Do you offer deals  for groups? Yes. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and church groups have rocked the maze.  Just email Spy Quest for more information & to register a date and  time. Contact How long is a play? What is a play? A play is one trip through the maze. In Co-op or two player mode each player uses a play. Game tokens are purchased to start a game. One token for single player and two tokens are needed for Co-op play. That depends on how you choose to play.  If your goal is to make a top ten leader board, then you have to go as fast and  as carefully as you can. If you are not competitive, then take  your time and make completing your mission be your goal.